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The process of placing an offer and having it accepted is an entire process in itself. We recommend you do the following:

• When placing an offer, put down your best offer as the Agent doesn’t always comeback to you to ask if you want to change your offer.
• Talk to a Broker before putting an offer down. They can indicate your likelihood of success in a loan application if you don’t have a Pre-Approval. We work with and can recommend Aaron Latter (0414 651 101) and Sunny McKinven (0401876 558) of Mortgage Choice Earlville


Each property is different as well as your expectations for the home. The best thing to do is give us a
quick buzz to discuss the property.


Most definitely! Before you sign anything, send it through to us, as a quick lookover can save us
potential headaches down the road. We are checking that:

• Your full name is spelt correctly per your passport

• The contract is subject to Finance - If you are obtaining a loan for the purchase

• The contact is subject to Building & Pest – If you aren’t buying a new home, there will always be wear & tear and minor defects. So you want to know what you are buying.

We primarily enjoy assisting clients with conveyancing. Whether you are Buying or Selling, this
process is usually the opening or closing of a chapter of your life. We enjoy being a part of that!

One of the most exciting moments in your life is purchasing your first home and we enjoy making
that process as smooth as possible, while ensuring you know what you are buying.


If your offer is accepted the conveyancing process and our job begins. We handle the entire process
for you managing the contract of sale and conditions.

All you need to do is:

• Provide all requested information your bank or broker needs ASAP (as bank are notoriously slow in processing)

• If Buying, contact your building and pest inspector to arrange an inspection asap – We want

to ensure you are happy with what you are buying.

• If Selling, please contact your bank to release your mortgage (this can take 10-15 business days)

We always prefer to look over the contract before signing. However if this can’t happen, add our
details to the Contract of Sale and give us a call, text or email.

Our fixed fee for a Sale of property is $1,155 plus GST and Outlays 

(Total cost including GST and outlays is around $1,270)


Our fixed fee for a Purchase of property is $1,350 plus GST and Outlays
When purchasing, there are a number of searches we must do to ensure there is nothing owing on the property, or all improvements to the property are council approved.

The standard searches are Rates, Water & Land Tax. If the property has improvements such as a patio extension or new car port, a Final Certificate of Occupancy can be ordered to ensure they are Council approved.

If there are solar panels we will conduct a Personal Security Register Search to ensure they are fully paid off.


In general the total cost for a purchase conveyance is around $1,700 including GST, outlays and

Electronic Settlements occur online using PEXA. Electronic settlements save all parties time in
ensuring the settlement process is as smooth as possible as there are no physical documents or
people needed to handle those documents. This saves time and money. The bank also prefers this as they can verify your loan documents and have funds ready for settlement within 1 business day after receiving your signed loan documents.


The cost to settle electronically is $123.97, this is paid at settlement to PEXA. This cost compared to the amount of time saved is well worth it.

Paper Settlements as the name suggests, involves more paperwork for you to sign and far more
liaising with the banks. The process involves more people to be physically involved in the process. As a result paper settlement incur high loan processing fees as people are need to physically handle the process.













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